Trends Increase the Value of Your Toronto Home with Granite and Marble Slab

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There are many hot trends involving granite and marble slab that can increase the value of your Toronto home.


Hot Bathroom Trends


One hot trend in bathrooms across Toronto involves turning your bathroom into a home spa retreat. Stand-alone tubs are popular. If you have the space, a nice, deep-soaker tub placed away from the wall, sink, and toilet is a real selling feature for homes. You can use granite or marble slabs for a luxurious floor or use them to create steps up to a raised tub.


Granite slabs are being used in the shower as well, to add seats or extra shelving for shampoo and other necessities. These convenient touches will make showering easier, especially if you’re not a morning person and often find yourself crawling into your shower barely awake. Having everything on hand—and a place to sit— can be handy.


Another blazing hot trend is the addition of a fireplace to the bathroom. Imagine sinking into your tub with a glass of wine and a crackling fire close by. It screams romance and relaxation. Marble is always an elegant choice for fireplaces and mantles since firelight makes marble shimmer. Granite slabs are also a good choice for a decadent feel. Not all structures permit adding a fireplace in your bathroom, so it’s important to talk to an expert before getting your hopes up.


Kitchen Trends


Granite has reigned supreme in kitchens across Toronto for years. It’s durable, stain-resistant, and extremely hard, making it a choice that will last for decades if cared for properly. Marble is usually used for accents since it’s such a high maintenance choice for the kitchen. It’s soft, stains easily, and is prone to pitting if acidic liquids or foods touch it.


For years, homeowners have yearned for the beauty of marble combined with the low maintenance of granite, and it looks like that wish has finally come true. There are now types of granite that mimic the natural glory and elegance of marble. You can find bold marble-like patterns and delicate veining in granite slabs. Ask your fabricator or renovator to help you track down the right kind of granite so you can enjoy the beauty of marble.


You may be worried that granite and marble are too popular and will make your dream kitchen look like every other renovated kitchen in the city. Take another look at the colours available and you’ll find a way to stand out from the pack. You can use deep reds or mellow blues for more unusual countertop colours.


Always take the time to colour match what’s already in your kitchen. Look beyond the walls and cabinets—be sure to consider fixtures, curtains, and even how much natural light your kitchen gets. Dark colours may need some help from a light countertop or one flecked with gold and white. If your heart is set on black countertops, try updating the lighting in your kitchen.


Granite and marble slab can help turn your Toronto bathroom and kitchen into trendy rooms that increase the value of your home.